How can physiotherapy treatment help you?

Physiotherapy can help you to move better, move with less pain and regain strength, balance and coordination in a safe and effective way

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How can physiotherapy help you?

Physiotherapy during pregnancy and post-partum can help to improve outcomes....

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Compassionate, comprehensive and convenient

My name is Kelly and I'm a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario, Canada. For several years, I have focused my clinical practice to help women maintain active pregnancies, prepare for labour and delivery, heal after birth and take control of their pelvic floor health. I also continue to work with clients to rehabilitate post-surgery, maintain optimal function through balance training and falls prevention and rehabilitate athletic injuries. I use an integrated approach to treatment, combining manual therapy, functional exercise, mind-body wellness and education to enable my clients to optimize function in their daily lives. I am passionate about educating my clients about movement and empowering them to continue participating in the activities they love.

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How Can I Best Help You?

Physiotherapy is an important part of maintaining optimal physical and emotional health and can be helpful during many different stages in your life. Here are some examples of how I most commonly help the clients in my care.

Pregnancy Wellness

As your body grows and changes, hysiotherapy can play an important role in a healthy, active and pain-free pregnancy. Physiotherapy can also be helpful if you are experiencing low back or pelvic discomfort throughout your pregnancy. 

Labour and Delivery Preparation

Physiotherapy treatment can help you prepare your body for labour and delivery through education and manual soft-tissue treatments. Our clients report they really valued seeing a physiotherapist prior to labour and delivery as they felt confidence and empowered.

Post-Partum Rehabilitation

Improve your pelvic floor strength and core function as you return to the activities you love doing. Physiotherapy guidance during your post-partum journey can help to ensure you are returning to activity in a safe and effective manner. 

Pelvic Floor Care

Individuals at any stage of life may experience of pelvic floor concerns including: incontinence, pelvic and/or abdominal pain, prolapse concerns, constipation or difficulties with sexual function. Pelvic floor physiotherapy care, from the comfort and privacy of your home can help to improve these concerns.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Improve your surgical outcomes and return to optimal function with an individualized rehabilitation program matched to your goals and needs. Our clients have successfully rehabilitated from hip surgeries, knee surgeries, back surgeries, shoulder surgeries and more.

Therapeutic Exercise and Functional Strengthening

An individualized functional strengthening and exercise program, designed by a physiotherapist can help you optimize your daily functioning at any stage of life. 

Orthopedic and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

From sprains, to sprains and fractures, physiotherapy treatment can get you back to the activities you love and proper rehabilitation can help to reduce risk of injury in the future.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Individuals with Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and those who have experience a stroke can benefit from physiotherapy treatment to help improve strength, coordination and movement and optimize daily functioning. 

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We love what we do, and that includes educating our community on the importance of physiotherapy, women's health and pelvic floor function.  Whether one-on-one or in groups, we love sharing our knowledge.

Have some questions about how  physiotherapy can benefit you? Reach out and we'll help you find the best solution. 

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Appointments to fit your needs and schedule

Virtual Appointments

Physiotherapy assessment and follow-up from the comfort of home using our HIPPA and PHIPEDA compliant video platform. Available to Ontario residents.

Benefits of Virtual Appointments:

Convenient: Save time by eliminating travel and wait times. Appointments can be completed from the comfort of your home or office. Evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

Cost Effective: Virtual appointments are more cost-effective than in-person appointments for those looking to stretch their health care budget a little further.

Customized: Our virtual appointments are customized to your specific situation and needs. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan of care to address all of your concerns.

**You will need a computer, laptop or iPad with a camera and a stable internet connection to complete the virtual appointments**

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In-Person Appointments 

Our in-person physiotherapy home visits are available to clients in the Toronto/York Region area. 

Benefits of In-Home Appointments:

Convenient: Save time by eliminating travel and wait times. We come to you with all the equipment you'll need. Evening and weekend appointments available to accommodate your schedule.

Personalized: A treatment plan and exercises personalized to help you achieve your goals. Everything is tailored to your specific situation, using equipment you already have in your home.

Affordable: We believe that everyone should be able to access physiotherapy services so we’ve worked hard to keep our rates affordable. 

**As per directives from the Ministry of Health, physiotherapists in Ontario are now able to provide in-person services.**

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Not an Ontario resident? 

If you are NOT Ontario resident, you may be benefit from our wellness consultation services. Contact us or click below for more information.

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We now offer gift cards that are redeemable for physiotherapy services. Choose between a custom amount, a single session or a pack of sessions.